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Shades is the pioneer and award winning photography firm for the most exquisite, creative, candid, contemporary, Pre & Post wedding photo shoots. Our photography company is spear headed by a husband & wife duo (Ashwin & Jhalak).

Shades is capable of showcasing your wedding as a life story in the most incredible and stunning fashion. Our technique and methods in exhibiting your wedding portfolio as a beautifully uncut story sets it a thousand leagues apart.

Admist Ashwin and Jhalak’s professional touch to their work, their personality and friendliness adds the icing on the cake. Ashwin and Jhalak maintain an intimate and friendly approach and tones with their clients- something that fascinates and appeals to our amiable friends and clients. If you are searching or looking for a wedding photographer who might share your vision in catching and capturing your finest days, you have got this couple to call on.



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